The game has 3 kind of databases which share the same formation.

  1. Base database - Every game starts from a base database and continue updating it during the game.
  2. Current database - The database in which the current game is played, once in a while this information would be copied to the base database. The players information will changed during the game according to their training regimes - match performance - media and ... . the manager can only view the "Base database" thus he/she doesn't exactly know his/her players real attributes but as mentioned before the current and base information synchronize once in a while (the time duration determined randomly so the player would never guess the exact database although some visible information like tiredness and so will be copied to the Base database after each working day.)
  3. Match database - These are player attributes which used by Match Engine . This database has the values of the current database with a random percent of Variety . For example if long shooting skill of a player is 14 in the "Current database" and he is playing a home game with a packed stadium his game's long shooting skill could be between 12-17 . The exact value for that player's long shooting skill will be calculated (randomly) before the match and stored in the "Match database". Like previous example if a player has a long shooting skill of 14 in the "Current database" and is playing an away game his long shooting  skill could be between 10-15 (although I think we have to make moral ,pressure ,and professionalism as some other major factors). The current database will be synchronized with Match database at the end of each match.

Now lets make a look at different tables in our databases (I have to mention that I borrow this schema from CM01/02)

Staff attributes
Club attributes
Nation attributes
Stadium attributes
City attributes
Continent attributes
Staff competition attributes
International competition
Official attributes
Color attributes
Weather configuration attributes
Staff configurations