Staff configurations

Attribute: Staff

Description: Name of the configured staff.

Type: Text. Not editable.

Range: Max 255 characters long

Attribute: Club

Description: Club this staff currently belongs to.

Type: Text. Not editable.

Range: Max 100 characters long

Attribute: Type

Description: The type of this configuration.

Type: Text.

Range: Choose from dropdown list. Choices are; Injury, Manager confidence, International retirement, Future transfer or Loan.

Injury: Configure injury. You can choose injury from an extensive list. You can specify injuries to be recurring or recurring in the future, and if so, what chance (1-30, 30 the most likely) it is for the injury to recur.

Manager confidence: The board confidence in this manager.

International retirement: Specifies that this player will not be available for international matches. There is no additional details for this type.

Future transfer: Specify a future transfer, which club the player is going to, the date the transfer will go through, the transfer fee (-1 if not known), the player’s wage (-1 if unknown) and the contract length in years (-1 if unknown).

Loan: Specify a loan, the club the player is joining on loan, the start date of the loan and the end date of the loan.