Weather configuration attributes

Attribute: Name

Description: The name of the weather configuration.

Type: Text

Range: Max 100 characters long

Season attributes

These attributes are the same for all four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter), and are located under the respective four tabs in the editor.

Attribute: Season start day

Description: The start day of this season in a year.

Type: Number

Range: 0 365

Note: The following attributes are all in the range 1 (non-existent) to 100. If, for example, the Wind, Calm is 50, this means that 50% of the time the wind will be calm. If Breezy is 75, this means then that while there is calm wind 50% of the time, it will be breezy 25% (in the range 50-75) of the time. If then Gusty has value 80, the wind is gusty 5% of the time (75-80). If Strong has value 100, it will only happen 20% (80-100) of the time. If Gale has value 1, this means that there will never be a gale for this weather description,.

What follows is a brief listing of the attributes, as the attributes themselves all are self-explanatory.

Weather type: Wind

Attributes: Calm, Breezy, Gusty, Strong, Gale.

Weather type: Precipitation

Attributes: Dry, Wet, Drizzle, Shower, Down pour.

Weather type: Temperature

Attributes: Freezing, Cold, Mild, Fine, Warm, Hot, Very hot.