First of all I want to apologize about my English, I am not a Native English speaker and worst of all I am not good at it either.

As you can guess this project is going to be a soccer manager simulator.

For those who know nothing about soccer manager simulator (specially CM) here is a brief explanation

Football management games first began with the classic Football Manager for the Spectrum , which ruined many a school mark and continued up to the present day with LMA Manager and Premier Manager. These catered for console owners offering options, which went beyond the remit of a manager morphing into chief executive or director manager. Championship Manager until the arrival of the Xbox was a PC exclusive due to its vast amount of data, statistics and raw power need to run the virtual football management simulation. It does not concern itself with fancy extras such as building stadiums or setting advertising or ticket prices, instead what it offers is the most realistic and time-consuming game since Phantasy Star Online.

You are an employee of the club and like everyone else must answer to the board of directors and chairman. Unlike most other football management games there is no skill level as true simulation does not allow for such a thing, you must rise to the challenge or end up managing some backwater foreign team harboring dreams of what might have been. You can at first feel intimidated by the level of control you have over the players on your books and the tactics that you can impose. Sports Interactive understands that most Xbox owners will know of Championship Manager but few will have tasted its addictive juices. Therefore your assistant, who can earn his wage in other ways as well, can take control of the reserve team. You can also specify tactics for each individual player but again these can be left until you feel confident enough. Some may never go this deep and if you decide against this donít worry; it will not affect your chances of success. (source)

Our aim in this project is to create a pc game like Championship Manager . This is a text base game ( so it doesn't really need lots of  graphical experiences to create such a game) and also the most popular soccer simulator ever!


  What we need in order to have such a game    
  1. Core Game Engine: This is the main part of the program which will call other engines.
  2. Match  Engine: With this engine human players can control their teams on a particular match .
  3. Training Engine: This engine will be called once in a week (game times indeed) by Core Game Engine and changes the player attributes according to their training regimes.
  4. Transfer Engine: This engine will be called once in a week by Core Game Engine and Simulate Transfers according to teams money and computer-managers attributes and their players it also must answer to human players transfer bids or makes offer about their players.
  5. Match Results Engine: This engine will create results of games which will be played between two computers controlled teams. This is not a complete game simulator like Math Engine but a fast game result creator (Team and manager and random factors)
  6. Finance Engine: This engine will be called every matches for every teams. And also once in a week and calculate every incomes and expenses for every teams.
  7. Maintenance Engine: Any kind of maintenances such as stadium expediencies or creating of facilities are about this engine which is called every week.
  8. Media Engine: Anything outside the games which will affect teams or players moral (Breaking News, Players News ,  Rumors) is the duty of this Engine.


Games GUI     
A  game GUI must interacts With Core Game Engine for this reason the Core Engine must be (Event - Method )Based .
Writing the GUI is not the main goal of this project and having many different GUIs would be appreciated.


Game Database     
I think we could share the CM database information with our software.
For more information about Database fields and tables click here.



Championship Manager Links 



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